Making the Most of Social Distancing

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Discover practical tips and empowering insights for making the most of social distancing in this insightful post, offering guidance on maintaining connections, fostering personal growth, and finding joy in the midst of challenging times.

Are you ready to transfer your kids out of your home instruction class already? Let us help you make the most of being all together with some links to amazing resources available during this uncertain time. 


(Please preview prior to showing your children) 


We will be updating this list as we find more resources, including easy science experiments and gross and fine motor activities. Follow us on social media for more updates, tips, and resources! Please share pictures and ideas from your houses with us on social media! Also, let us know what you need to get by! Let’s create a supportive online community!


Graham Behavior Services is actively compiling resources to assist families during this unpredictable time. For tips on managing your children’s behavior while everyone is home, check out our blog post. 

Don’t Go Insane: Managing Your Children’s Behavior While Everyone is Home

What Do I Say to My Kids?  Resources for Parents to Have Difficult Discussions about COVID-19

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