ABA Therapy for Autistic Adults in Central New Jersey

Graham Behavior Services provides therapy to individuals with autism across the lifespan.

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At Graham Behavior Services our ABA therapy services do not stop when an individual turns 18 or 21.

We provide therapy to individuals with autism across the lifespan. While services for adults with autism may look different or take place in more varied locations, therapy is still completely individualized to the client’s needs. At GBS, we consult with families and provide custom programming based on individualized needs. Your child’s well being and ability to live a purposeful life is our top priority. Not only are we great at what we do, we care about helping your family achieve lasting, meaningful change.

Questions About ABA Therapy for Adults

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When working with adults with autism it is important to make sure that all the skills being taught are functional. At Graham Behavior Services we use a combination of the PEAK and AFLS (Assessment of Functional Living Skills) Assessments to identify the target skills we are teaching to our adult learners. We work on skills as varied as toileting, teeth brushing, and making simple requests to navigating public transportation and having a conversation with coworkers. We coordinate with the individual’s family, school, vocational setting, job, or day program. ABA therapy services can be provided in any environment. We have worked with individuals at volunteer opportunities teaching new skills that will help prepare them for future employment. We can also provide therapy at a paid employment job site to help our clients maintain their current employment. We work with our clients in their homes helping them to learn independent leisure skills and complete self-care routines.
It is a common misconception that ABA therapy is only helpful to children. However, individuals of any age can benefit from ABA therapy. The core symptoms of autism: deficits in communication, deficits in social skills, and the presence of stereotyped or perseverative behaviors may present differently in adults, they can still be treated with behavioral supports. Many families think that they receive ABA therapy for their young children and then no longer need services. However, as their children become adolescents and adults new challenges or skills deficits arise and they find the need to ABA supports again.
Adult ABA therapy is different from ABA therapy for children in that it targets the skills most needed to live as independently as possible. For many of our clients this means working on skills such as self-care, cooking meals, self-management, and vocational skills. Autism therapy for adults also is different from therapy for children in that it usually takes place in the community. Many of our clients at Graham Behavior Services receive therapy at day programs, vocational sites, job placements, or college. ABA therapy for adults can also take on more traditional forms such as behavior intervention plans to decrease problem behavior, functional communication training, or the use of activity schedules to complete independent tasks.
The best therapy for any individual with autism is applied behavior analysis regardless of the individual’s age. Research indicates that those who receive applied behavior analysis therapy prior to age five make the most gains. However, research has also shown that individuals through adulthood including geriatric patients make progress in decreasing problem behavior and increasing skill acquisition across a variety of domains with ABA therapy. There’s currently no other scientifically validated treatment for autism.
Therapy can also be used to help individuals with an Asperger’s diagnosis. When working with individuals with Asperger’s we use a variety of strategies including behavior skills training to teach social skills and appropriate communication skills, acceptance and commitment therapy, and self-management strategies. Our clients with a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome are often able to articulate the skill acquisition programs they need to work on. Our BCBAs and behavior therapists often work with our clients with Asperger’s syndrome to develop their treatment plans collaboratively. This results in greater buy-in and consequently faster acquisition of treatment goals.

At Graham behavior services we serve individuals throughout the state of New Jersey. While we are based in Tinton Falls in the heart of Monmouth county, we have providers who work in many other counties. We service clients as far north as Morris County and as far south as Ocean County. We have many providers who are able to work with adults in the Princeton area as well as Woodbridge, Toms River and Basking Ridge. If you’re wondering if we service your area please click here and fill out the contact sheet. Someone will get back to you within one business day.

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