New Jersey Special Education Advocate

Every child is unique in their personality, likes, and needs. At Graham Behavior Services, we have services to meet all the needs your child may have. From early intervention to advocacy to in-home ABA therapy, our team is ready to give you the personalized, quality care you’re looking for.

Who can benefit from a special education advocate?

Many families and individuals can benefit from a special education advocate, including children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, emotional or behavioral disturbances, ADHD, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviors. Advocates can be involved in every step of the process from the first mention of an IEP meeting to finding a proper placement that best suits your child.
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What services are offered within Graham Behavior Service’s advocacy?

Review of Documents

- Your child’s IEP
- Assessments that have been completed for your child
- Any other school documents


- IEP meetings
- 504 meetings
- Mediation meetings
- Tours of new or potential placements for your child
- Any other school meetings


- EP support and preparation
- School services and review of current placement
- Parent’s rights and special education law
- Recommendations and reviews of new or potential placements
- Recommendations for assessments to request from your school district
- Prepare for due process

Additional Services

- Conduct functional behavior assessments
- Program evaluations for ABA programs and school placements
- Independent evaluations for behavior or skill assessments

Who are the advocates at Graham Behavior Services?

Graham Behavior Services provides high quality advocates who have all received training in advocacy work, along with New Jersey and Federal special education law. In addition, all of our advocates have experience in special education and applied behavior analysis, with many being certified special education teachers and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).

What does an advocate cost at Graham Behavior Services?

Advocacy services at Graham Behavior Services cost $100 per hour, and the hours required for a particular situation vary from client to client. The amount of time expected to work with you and your child will be discussed at the onset of services. Please contact us for a free 15 minute consultation.

Why should I get an advocate from Graham Behavior Services?

At Graham Behavior Services, we have the expertise and clinic background to conduct assessments, evaluate behavior intervention plans and school placements, and make recommendations for changes to school programs and plans. Due to our strong clinical skills in the area of special education and applied behavior analysis, we are unique in that we are experts in the field and are specialized as clinicians. This expertise allows us to help you make informed decisions for your child.

Where can I find advocacy services for my child?

At Graham Behavior Services, we service individuals throughout the state of New Jersey. We are based in Tinton Falls within Monmouth County, but have providers who work in many other counties, including Morris, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, and Ocean. If you are looking for services in your area, please contact us for more information.

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