Diversity and Cultural Competency Policy

Knowing that we are better together, Graham Behavior Services welcomes individuals of all ages, abilities, gender identities, races, ethnicities, religions, spiritual practices, and sexual orientations. It is our policy to act in a way that recognizes, affirms, values, respects the worth of, and protects and preserves the dignity of every individual. Graham Behavior Services adheres to the equal employment opportunity policy and non-discrimination practices.

Graham Behavior Services recognizes Cultural Humility as the process by which we continually build Cultural Competence. Conners & Capell (2021), define Cultural Humility as “examining culture and recognizing continual learning as practitioners from other cultures and accepting that we don’t know everything and need to learn from the client. It involves the ability to maintain an interpersonal stance where the practitioner is “other” oriented and is learning about cultural identity that is most important to the client. This also encompasses self-reflection and personal critique and is an ongoing, lifelong process.

Graham Behavior Services policy is implemented by the practices and actionable steps:

  • Graham Behavior Services seeks employees that are committed to their community, represent a variety of cultural backgrounds, and are capable of interactions in cross-cultural situations.
  • Translation services will be provided to any recipient, when necessary and requested. The interpreter will assist with translating any intake, treatment plans, evaluation, or other documents shared with family.
  • Graham Behavior Services will also seek professional assistance to handle the needs of any individual with a speech and hearing impairment.
  • Graham Behavior Services will work closely with our clients and their families to ensure that their cultural values are represented throughout all aspects of service delivery.
  • Graham Behavior Services will provide diversity and cultural competency trainings, offer group discussions, and make resources widely available.

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