Surviving the Hybrid School Schedule

Navigate the challenges of a hybrid school schedule with practical tips and insightful strategies in this post, offering parents and caregivers guidance on fostering a balance between remote and in-person learning for a successful and harmonious academic experience.

As September approaches, so is the uncertainty of what the school year will bring. Will it be hybrid? In person?  Online? Will my child get everything done? How will my child deal with a chaotic schedule? How will I deal with a chaotic schedule??

Hybrid School Survival Tip #1 

Example of a visual schedule

Make a schedule for each type of scenario.  Make a schedule for remote learning days, going to school days, or one for each day of the week. Include the time and activity such as the following:

8:00AM bus to school

1:00PM return home and eat lunch

2:00PM sign on to Math class

2:30PM sign on to English class

3:00PM do homework

Schedules are useful for both parents and children. So even if you have to remind your child to follow the schedule, at least you can use it as a guide to structure your own day. Some children may enjoy picking out their own planner or designing a playful calendar or schedule on the computer. This helps motivate them to use it. Teach them to write out the schedule for each day and add assignment due dates and test days. 


Example of a Task Analysis

Hybrid School Survival Tip #2

Use a task analysis or list of steps for your child to follow to logon to class, find their homework, take tests and submit assignments. It can be tricky to remember where each teacher posts homework and where students can access the necessary materials for each class. 


Hybrid School Survival Tip #3

It may also help to provide some rewards for getting up on time, completing assignments and following a remote schedule. Designate a favorite activity or item that they can access once their school day is complete. A little motivation goes a long way!


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