Outside Activities When Everything is Closed

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Step into the world of outdoor activities with this invigorating post, offering a diverse range of engaging ideas and experiences that not only promote physical well-being but also foster exploration, creativity, and memorable moments in the great outdoors for individuals of all ages.

My toddler: “When are we going to Sesame Place?” “Can we go on the swing?” “Can we go somewhere?” “Mama, think about it!”

You want to get your child (and maybe even yourself) out of the house, but what can you do? Everything is closed…even playgrounds. Of course there’s the usual outdoor sports and bike riding. But even that stuff gets old after a while. Being stuck home for the last couple months and not seeing an end in sight, I figured I’d follow my daughter’s advice and “Think about it!”


So…What Can We Do?

Lately my daughter’s favorite outdoor activity is having a picnic. Now, this doesn’t only mean just with food; we also will read books, play games and even listen to music. We even break out into a dance party at times! Throw out a blanket and enjoy the weather.

boy playing jengaRemember the world of board games before the whole Internet thing? They even still make new ones! Put away the electronics and play some games outside. An oldie but a goodie, Twister. Now imagine Twister outside…brilliant! You could play card games or even Hide-and-Seek.

It is amazing how many activities you can do with chalk. You could have a drawing contest or play Pictionary. I am going to date myself…Hopscotch!!!!! So fun and all you need is chalk and a stone. You can practice counting skills at the same time; just be careful not to step out of the lines!

Teach your kids to make paper airplanes and see which flies the farthest. Or fly a kite. Paint rocks to put in your garden. Oh, and do some gardening! Let your kids pick flowers they want to plant. Make a simple bird feeder by spreading peanut butter with bird seeds onto a pinecone, then sit on your picnic blanket and watch the birds have a snack. multicolored number boards

Hike on a trail and appreciate nature. Try to name the plants, trees and bugs you see. There are endless possibilities, let’s make the most of this time home and get back to appreciating the simple things in life. Of course all these activities should be done while following all of the CDC social distancing guidelines. 


CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

Make your own plastic bag kite 

Make your own paper airplane

Popular board games for kids 

Hopscotch rules


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